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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the best way to started?
The best way to apply is to fill out our streamlined online application. It’ll help you outline your goals, priorities, and the unique factors in your circumstance. It also gives us a chance to run all your scenarios before getting back to you. Why does this matter? We work with a lot of different lenders, each with their own qualifying criteria. For example, some lenders looks at all debt as a liability while others care about the type of debt you carry and may look more favorably on some like certain student loans. Because there are many such circumstances, a licensed mortgage consultant reviews every application so that our quotes are accurate and, in fact, represent your best options.

Another way to get started would be to get in touch with our mortgage consultants directly. They’re impartial, friendly, and available by phone, text, email, chat (check out the chat app in the bottom right), and any other communication method you prefer. They’re not quite telepathic yet, but they’re working on it.

What will it cost me?
Our service is completely free to use and there’s no catch. Typically, a lender would have to do a lot of work to verify your application. When you apply through us, we do that for them. That’s why we get paid by your lender directly, after your loan funds.

That said, there will still be costs associated with closing your loan. Those may include legal fees, house appraisal, and other third-party costs required by law. We will not charge you a premium for connecting you with any other service providers, and where possible, you’ll be free to shop around for your own vendors (for example a home appraisal).

Will I need to talk to someone?
The short answer is ‘No’.
However, as previously mentioned, our mortgage consultants can be very helpful and are quite pleasant to talk to. Plus, they’ll be reviewing your file either way. Nevertheless, you can absolutely just complete your application digitally, verify it with supporting documents (we’ll email you exactly what’s needed and how to submit it), and follow up by text, email, etc. We’re here to help you find the best mortgage, on your own terms.

How long does it take to get funded?
Typically, an average home loan takes around 30 days to close. However, that all depends on the financial product you’re qualifying for, your own priorities, and how much work is required to verify your application. If you’re applying during a particularly high volume season, that can also affect closing times, taking anywhere from 45–60 days.
If speed is important to you, let your mortgage consultant know. They’ll make sure to pull the right strings with our lenders to get your application pushed through the pipeline faster. Another thing you can do is simply be prepared. Get all your documents in row, refrain from making any big purchases that can impact your credit, etc.


Will you share my information with your network of lenders?
No. We will never share your information without your consent. We’ll run your scenario (without any personally identifying information) by all of our lenders to gather their best offers, however none of them will ever be able to call or email you until you decide to accept an offer.

What happens when I find a lender through you?
Once you find your best deal, we’ll formally submit your application to that lender. They will then go through everything to make sure it meets their requirements. This process is called ‘underwriting’ and we’ll be working closely with your lender to make sure it goes smoothly. In short, we’ll be by your side to walk you to that mortgage finish line, from the first to the last step.

Will completing your application hurt my credit?
Filling out our online mortgage application or running scenarios with our mortgage consultants will not have an impact on your credit. This is because we will not do what’s known as a “hard credit pull” until you’re ready. This gives us a chance to run your numbers –risk-free– and get a better sense of where you land in this market.
However, in order to secure a loan, a proper credit inquiry will be necessary, which will take a handful of points off your credit. Once your credit pulled once, you’ll have a window of opportunity to shop around where any additional inquiry is consequence-free.