About Us

Building with Purpose

In 2016, Greg Martel founded Shop Your Own Mortgage to improve the way home buyers shop for a mortgage. Applying for financing the traditional way is confusing, difficult, and expensive, so home buyers often settle for subpar deals without even knowing it. Greg’s mission is to disrupt the mortgage industry by flipping the balance of power to favor the home buyer. Instead of going to lenders directly and jumping through hoops to get a loan, now you can fill out one easy application and have the lenders come to you.


Today, Shop Your Own Mortgage is a team of mortgage industry experts and technologists who share Greg’s philosophy. Together, we’ve developed an application process that combines technology with expert guidance to deliver the best mortgage products for your unique situation.“


Currently, we’re operating in the US, Canada, and Australia, and we’re growing fast.


The Dream Team

Let’s get friendly. Since we ask so much about you during your application process, we decided it’s only fair that each of us disclose something personal about ourselves.


The Executive Team

Greg Martel

CEO & Founder

  • Serial Entrepreneur | 20 yrs in the industry
  • Petrified of heights

Tylene Braswell

Dir. of Human Resources

  • Transforming business through people
  • Occasionally struggles with road rage

Garrick Delafuente

Dir. of Mortgage Consulting

  • Driving growth through service
  • Proud wearer of the fanny pack

Diana Romanovsky

Dir. of Product & Marketing

  • Interested in behavioral economics
  • Hobby chicken farmer

Regican Ariyarasa

Chief Technology Officer

  • 15+ yrs experience building apps
  • Wears Crocs unironically

Sarah Rose

Dir. of Business Development

  • 15 years of business experience
  • Expert tennis observer; terrible player

Mortgage Experts

Jordyn Sweet

Mortgage Processor

  • 7 yrs in the industry
  • Loves: carbs & being a mom

Kevin Bratt

Senior Mortgage Consultant

  • Finance background | 3 yrs in the industry
  • Weightlifter & sports fan

David Marcelin

Mortgage Processor

  • Financial services professional
  • Loves music, art & fashion

Brenda Gloriani

Mortgage Consultant

  • Just a soul rebel who dreams freely

Chloe Cacic

Mortgage Consultant

  • A leader with a passion for team building
  • Loves all things fashion & sports

Richelle Cooper

Mortgage Consultant

  • Financial services professional
  • Appreciates sports, makeup & sushi

Christopher Cornish

Mortgage Consultant

  • Excited by the intersection of tech & finance
  • Hums while he pees

Taylor Pedersen

Mortgage Processor

  • 9 yrs in commercial & residential lending
  • Puppy-loving sports enthusiast
our team

Kathryn Wild

Senior Mortgage Underwriter

  • 11 yrs in the industry
  • Loves crime shows & music

Kristiana Duenas

Jr. Mortgage Processor

  • Passionate about organizing
  • In constant battle with her laundry

Farbod Nabavi

Mortgage Processor

  • Financial Services | 5+ years in the industry
  • Self-proclaimed basketball connoisseur

Jason Hong<

Mortgage Consultant

  • Passionate about business & self-help
  • Plays piano & DJs on weekends

Software Engineering

Cale McNulty

Senior Software Engineer

  • Cares about users because he is one
  • World-renowned kitten phrenologist
This is David he is one of our software engineers

David Li

Software Engineer

  • Passionate about technology
  • Life Mission: to program a virtual friend

This is Mauricio he is one of our software engineers.

Mauricio de Paula

Full Stack Software Developer

  • Motivated to find a solution to any problem
  • Loves sushi more than his girlfriend

Tim Baker

Software Security Engineer

  • Aspiring Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Probably knows your password

Keara Chapman

Junior Software Developer

  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • Has an unhealthy addiction to reality TV

Marketing & Business Development

Julie Lyons

Business Development

  • Can subordinate any spreadsheet
  • Expert in small-talk

Douglas Botchman

Employee of the Year*****

  • Marketing & Operations Manager
  • Loves dachshunds

Vivian Pham

Content Creator

  • 4 yrs of marketing experience
  • Stereotypical cat lady

Thomas Rose

Inbound Marketing Manager

  • Engineer turned Marketing Professional
  • Hobbies include breakfast, lunch & dinner

Julia Prajza

Art Director & Designer

  • 6 yrs in Marketing & Advertising
  • Side hustles: mural painting & calligraphy

Executive Assistant

Jamir Rodriguez

Executive Assistant

  • Driven by business development
  • Sports junkie

Elise Sanchez

Executive Assistant

  • Wearer of many hats
  • Taylor Swift is her spirit animal