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Ever rage-clicked a button? Despaired at a frozen screen? Or wondered why fax machines are still around? Then you’ll understand why we prioritize making our technology as user-friendly as possible, starting with our easy online application.

Bad tech leads to bad choices

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We’ve created an online application to help you access all your offers in one place. Instead of meeting in person just to fill out paperwork or applying at multiple lenders, you can simply fill out our quick questionnaire online and browse all of your top options in minutes.

To help you become verified quicker, we’ve developed two methods for submitting your documents: a mobile app and a web app. With easy document submission (as easy as taking a selfie), and live updates on your application status, our mobile app offers a stress-free and secure way to get verified from home. 

For those with large thumbs and small screens, our web app allows you to upload files directly from your desktop. If you’re not one to keep organized files, you can also use our web app to log in to your IRS or bank account, and retrieve your tax returns and bank records through a secure portal.* Just use the same login credentials as for your mobile app, and start turning in those harder-to-reach documents.

*Note: for security reasons, a factor like a recent change in your phone number may cause the IRS to prevent you from accessing your records online. If this happens, you will need to get those documents the traditional way.

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Frequently asked questions

Every application is reviewed by a licensed mortgage consultant. They work behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly from origination to closing. And yes, if you have any questions or need to discuss strategies, they’re on standby to help.

Dust off that fax machine — it’s going to come in handy. Just kidding. We’ve developed technology to make the document verification process as secure and as simple as possible. This includes an encrypted mobile app that allows you to submit documents simply by taking a photo. We also have a web app that lets you securely log into your bank or IRS accounts to pull your sensitive data. Your mortgage consultant will let you know exactly what will be required.

We use bank-level security. For both your safety and for regulatory compliance, we have to meet the security standards of all the lenders in our network. This means that all of our data is encrypted and processed over a secure network.

Yes, absolutely. We don’t charge anything for our service, so no origination fees or mark-ups on your rate. Note: there are still costs associated with getting a mortgage, such as appraisal fees and lender fees, all of which will be detailed in your loan estimate.

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