Do you know everything about refinancing?

Spilling the Tea on Refinancing You’ve heard the term refinancing, but do you really know what it means? We’re spilling the tea in this ***juicy*** article. What is Refinancing? To review, refinancing means taking out a new loan to replace your existing loan. The new loan pays out the balance on the existing loan, so […]

mortgage scramble

The Top 5 Factors Lenders Review Getting a mortgage can be intimidating and overwhelming. Friends, family and colleagues often offer well meaning advice. It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘water cooler talk’ and believe that your experience in getting a mortgage is going to be the same as theirs. Using a professional will […]

Tips for getting a mortgage

10 Awesome Tips For Getting A Mortgage Some things come second nature to us. Like breathing or sleeping or watching reality TV. Unfortunately, mortgages are not one of those things. And because of their huge financial implications, they often require lots of t’s to be crossed and i’s to be dotted to obtain. That’s why […]

Do You need Title Insurance?

What is Title Insurance? What Homebuyers and Homeowners Should Know About Title Insurance Title Insurance protects buyers from defects or problems when transferring ownership between properties. Title insurance is government regulated and required on all purchase and refinance transactions. When purchasing or refinancing a property your attorney or mortgage professional will generally recommend a title […]


Five Helpful Property Search Tips Finding and purchasing the property of your dreams is an exciting adventure! Here are five expert tips from Shop Your Own Mortgage that will make your home search a little bit easier! 1. Get pre-approved: In order to find your perfect home, you need to know the price range that you […]