why wealthy people refinance their mortgages

Why Wealthy People Refinance Their Mortgages Wealthy people use their mortgage as a tool instead of as a crutch. Among other things, wealthy people use a home loan to build credit, improve cash flow, аnd fасіlіtаtе уоur lіfеѕtуlе.  To make the most of your mortgage, it’s important to kеер it up-tо-dаtе аѕ circumstances сhаngе. By this […]

to renovate or to sell?

To Renovate or To Sell? If you’ve outgrown your current home, should you renovate or look for a new house? Deciding whether to stay or go is always hard. In order to properly make a decision, it’s important to 1.) analyze your current situation and 2.) look at the alternatives.   To Stay and Renovate: […]

what does a home inspector look for

What Does a Home Inspector Do? Home inspectors are like diagnosticians. Their primary role is to tell you what’s wrong. They may fix the issue themselves or refer you to a specialist, but their main job is just to tell you what the problem is. A home inspector does the exact same thing. While they won’t […]

how to find the best mortgage

How to Find the Best Mortgage Just throwing yourself into the real estate market, you have no idea what’s considered a good mortgage offer and what’s considered a bad one. For any other product, yоu саn easily search different рrісеѕ and look up buyer rеvіеwѕ. Unfortunately, with mortgages, every person is different; individuals with higher […]


The 7 Best Apps for Managing Your Finances What’s “app” with you? Just being fiscally responsible 😉 Man’s best friend – no, not dogs. Apps. Those little square boxes in your phone that hold so much potential for entertainment, information, and advice. Although . . . you definitely can get an app that simulates a loyal […]

top 10 books on housing and personal finance

Top 10 Books on Housing, Real Estate, and Personal Finance Books, while old-school, remain one of the best ways to learn. They are simple to navigate (thank you, Table of Contents), easy to put down and also pick up, convenient for tracking your progress (bookmark, anyone?), and more thorough than the average video. They also […]

How Do Credit Scores Work? What exactly is credit? Credit (at least the kind we’re talking about) is a form of trust which allows you to make purchases you wouldn’t normally be able to afford at face value. This trust is based on the understanding that you will eventually pay this sum back. Your credit […]