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Buying a home shouldn’t put you in the poor house. By shopping around for a mortgage, you can avoid paying fees, receive better terms, and qualify for lower rates.

Do you want an office like this in your new home?

Arе You Rеаdу To Buy Your Fіrѕt Home?

Yоu’ve been wanting to buy уоur fіrѕt hоmе for years and are finally ready to make some moves. Learn the steps to becoming a homeowner here.

8 Tips to Boost Your Credit Score

Staying on top of your credit puts you on the right track toward homeownership. Follow our tips to keep your credit score on the up and up.

5 helpful property search tips
5 Helpful Property Search Tips

Finding and purchasing the property of your dreams is an exciting adventure! Here are five expert tips from SYO Mortgage that will make your home search a little bit easier!

Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural

Where you live will play a major role in how you live. Therefore, think about which would suit you best: urban, suburban, or rural?

what not to do after you're pre-approved
What NOT to Do After You’re Pre-Approved

How do you make sure your lender won’t change their mind? Check out this list of what NOT to do after you’re pre-approved.

Tips for getting a mortgage
10 Tips For Getting A Mortgage

We want to help you find your dream home. We’ve put together a list of what we think are the most important tips for getting a mortgage.

This home could be yours.
What is the Ideal Mortgage Loan?

Looking for your ideal mortgage loan that’s on your terms? Reach out to us today and see what you qualify for!

how do credit scores work
How Do Credit Scores Work?

What is credit? And why does it matter? Find out how credit scores came about, how they are calculated, and who calculates them.

3 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference

With these tips, you’ll have the power to choose your best mortgage, save thousands of dollars, and be mortgage-free sooner!

How To Find The Best Mortgage

The best mortgage is not always the one with the lowest rates. Find out what things you should look for when getting a mortgage.