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Did you know…

Most people accept their first offer when applying for a mortgage. In fact, banks and lenders count on it, so they don’t always give you the best rates and terms. The reality is that not shopping around is costing you thousands.  

If you’re like 80% of U.S. home buyers, chances are you could save:
  • $1,500 in interest just by getting one extra quote
  • $2,089–$3,904 in interest by getting five quotes
  • And another $1,000 in processing and origination fees


The Problem

Traditionally, applying for a mortgage has meant lining up at a bank, jumping through hoops, and paying thousands in fees. Then, if you wanted to compare your offers, you’d have to do it all over again. Shopping around has been tedious, stressful, and expensive.


The Solution

Apply online and shop the mortgage marketplace. We get you verified with a single application and show you qualified quotes from multiple lenders. All from the comfort of your home and completely for free. So, when you pick a mortgage offer, you know you’re getting the best deal on the market.




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