Use an algorithm and leave your “gut” out of it While having strong instincts came in handy for our vine-swinging ancestors, nowadays, we don’t have to rely on just our guts for insight. After all, while human nature gave us the tools necessary to survive in the wild, it did not prepare us for modern […]


The 7 Best Apps for Managing Your Finances What’s “app” with you? Just being fiscally responsible 😉 Man’s best friend – no, not dogs. Apps. Those little square boxes in your phone that hold so much potential for entertainment, information, and advice. Although . . . you definitely can get an app that simulates a loyal […]

Top 10 Books on Housing, Real Estate, and Personal Finance Books, while old-school, remain one of the best ways to learn. They are simple to navigate (thank you, Table of Contents), easy to put down and also pick up, convenient for tracking your progress (bookmark, anyone?), and more thorough than the average video. They also […]

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Give Your Credit Some Credit What exactly is credit? When your boss gives you props for finishing a project? That thing you get instead of a refund when you try to return an item to a store without a receipt? Credit (at least the kind we’re talking about) is a form of trust which allows […]

Clean Up Your Finances. Literally. While we each have varying levels of success with “adulting,” we can all agree that it’s no picnic. Therefore, make it easier to adult by keeping your important documents organized. In doing so, you will put yourself in a better position to budget, invest, do your taxes, and even buy […]

Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural. What you need to know about living in an urban, suburban, and rural place While Hogwarts is currently not accepting any new applicants, we all gotta settle down somewhere. The question is “where” though. And unless your method involves throwing a dart at a map and moving to wherever it lands, […]

The Big Encyclopedia of Home Insurance Insurance doesn’t matter. Until it does. Your home is your baby. Therefore, you should make sure that it remains safe in the event of any events or accidents. After all, the world is literally full of dangers so it’s good to protect yourself financially. From earthquakes to avalanches, dwellings […]

Talk Finance to Me – Our Top 10 TED Talks They entertain you. They teach you. And some may even inspire you. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Those who give TED talks are typically experts in their industry, offering small tokens of wisdom that they’ve picked up over the years. Previous speakers include Olympic […]