The Big Encyclopedia of Home Insurance Insurance doesn’t matter. Until it does. Your home is your baby. Therefore, you should make sure that it remains safe in the event of any events or accidents. After all, the world is literally full of dangers so it’s good to protect yourself financially. From earthquakes to avalanches, dwellings […]

Talk Finance to Me – Our Top 10 TED Talks They entertain you. They teach you. Some may even inspire you. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Those who give TED talks are typically experts in their industry, offering small tokens of wisdom that they’ve picked up over the years. Previous speakers include Olympic athletes, […]

costs of buying a home

What Are ALL the Costs of Buying a Home? Is this you: You always forget to read the fine print before you pull the trigger on something. That little line on your receipt that says “final sale” or that sticker on your blowdryer that says “may catch on fire” all manage to go unnoticed. And […]

buyer's remorse

How to Avoid Feeling Buyer’s Remorse Buyer’s remorse is one of the charming side-effects of capitalism that we’ve all come to know and love. And, unfortunately, house buying is akin to getting something from a store with the worst return policy ever. Unless there are major damages that get uncovered during the appraisal/inspection process, there […]

How to Properly Invest in Property Fortunately for everyone out there, you no longer have to be white, rich, and male to invest in real estate. All you need is some capital and some drive. Find out more about investment opportunities in real estate here! How to Get Capital Q: How much capital do you […]


What Makes an Eco-Friendly House? So you’re eco-friendly and want an eco-friendly house. Below are some things to look for when buying or renovating your house. Each has been categorized based on the necessary commitment level (as outlined in SYOM’s Green-O-Meter) and the particular utility it has to do with, whether that’s power, gas, water, […]

What not to do after you're pre-approved

What NOT to Do After You’re Pre-Approved You haven’t sealed the deal just yet. So, how do you make sure your lender doesn’t change their mind? Being pre-approved is like seeing the finish line at the end of a race. All the training and preparing you did to get your credit score up, all the […]

Top 5 YouTube channels on finance

Top 5 YouTube Channels on Finance Money talks. Or should we say YouTubers talk. Sifting through all the cringe-worthy channels to find one that speaks to you can be rough. So we’ve broken it down to our top 5 channels and their own unique “personas.” Whether you’re looking more for a casual morning news show […]

History of mortgages

A Brief History of Mortgages If you don’t like mortgages, you can blame the FHA. But before you start picking up torches and brainstorming catchy things to write on your picket sign, let me just tell you that the alternative before was just to not buy a home.  Period. Before the 1930’s, only 4 in […]

This home could be yours.

What is the Ideal Mortgage Loan? While we all have different preferences, there are some things we all probably want in a SO (significant other). In an ideal world, they would probably be smart, funny, supportive, and got a killer credit score. But in reality, people and loans won’t meet your ideal specifications. Otherwise, we’d […]