Ending Hunger

Feeding America

1 in 9 Americans make the same decision every day: bread or rent? Often times, keeping a roof over your head beats quieting an empty stomach. So adults and children end up going without food while still going about their daily lives. Feeding America provides families, children, senior citizens, and other marginalized communities with access to nutritious meals so they don’t have to choose between food and other basic necessities. From feeding school children to providing senior citizens with easy-to-cook meals, they combat food insecurity one bowl at a time.


What they’ve accomplished so far – created over 200 food banks and 60,000 pantries that feed over 46 million people each year.


Nurse Carmen worried that with her lost hours and higher expenses, she wouldn’t be able to give her family a holiday meal. Fortunately, a holiday distribution at her kids’ school gave her the chance to take home a whole turkey.

Through Feeding America, families like Kaison’s can not only get the food they need, but also take cooking classes to make healthy, sustainable, and delicious meals. 

Many families face reduced shifts, higher expenses, and just as many hungry bellies over the winter months. Thanks to Feeding America’s local food pantry, Jazette and Sincere’s families were still able to get their groceries, and some pie too.

After his chemotherapy sessions for his colon cancer, James was able to rely on the local food pantry for healthy and nutritious food. As a survivor, he attributes his recovery to Feeding America who gave him the energy he needed to go through the next round of treatment.

“It feels good to take food home from school. It helps us because we live in a hotel and don’t have much food.” -Joshua, 8

“When we visit the pantry, we don’t wind up with a bunch of stuff we don’t need; we get to pick out what we want – lots of fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, things like that. My daughter loves to come here because it feels like shopping.” – Hannah