Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Check Out the Mortgage Calculator

Instead of sitting there scratching your head, give our mortgage calculator a try. First, input your numbers. Then, watch as it computes what your monthly payments will be. Lastly, bask in the glory of modern technology.

Purchase price
Please enter here the amount you expect to pay for a home.
Enter a value
Down payment
Down payment is cash that you pay upfront for your home.
Enter a value
Term in years
Number of years you have to pay.
Enter a value
Interest rate (per year)
The percentage of interest that you will pay on your mortgage for a specific term.
Enter a value
Property tax
Enter your property tax here if you know it.
per year
Enter a value
Home insurance
Most lenders require home insurance. Enter its price here.
per year
Enter a value
PMI is Private Mortgage Insurance which is usually required to pay if your Down payment less than 20%.
per month
Enter a value

However, if you’re not satisfied with what your rate is, don’t despair. Instead, shop around for a better mortgage! Simply fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly. Upon receiving your information, they will show you all the different rates you qualify for under different lenders. Best of all, we offer a completely free service so you can save your money for what really matters. So reach out to a team member today to learn more!

Need a Better Rate?

In contrast to other financial institutions, we at Shop Your Own Mortgage encourage you to shop around. Rather than promote a certain lender or program, we give you multiple options so that you can make the best decision for yourself! Because we are not in a partnership with any particular lender, we don’t care which lender you go with. On the contrary, we simply care that you find the best mortgage possible. In addition, by downloading our free mobile app (Android and Apple iOS), you can do your shopping from home instead of going back and forth from bank to bank. Therefore, there’s no reason not to fill out this form today and take advantage of our 100% free service.

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