How we make money

We’re a marketplace. Not a lender.


Lenders charge thousands of dollars in points and processing fees because actually a lot of work is required to verify you as a candidate. Fortunately, we’ve developed technology to help do this for us, so we don’t have to charge as much for processing your application. In fact, we don’t charge you anything at all. Our money comes directly from the lender you choose in exchange for providing them with a verified application.


Note: the offers you will get through us will be the same as or lower than what the lenders will offer you if you go to them directly. This is because we’re not an intermediary or a reseller. Our service to home buyers is providing them with the best options on the market. Our service to lenders is to streamline their own underwriting process and walk borrowers to the mortgage finish line.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for through us, we simply don’t get paid. That’s how confident we are in our service.