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Bad tech leads to bad choices

Ever rage-clicked a button? Despaired at a frozen screen? Then you’ll understand why we prioritize making our technology as user-friendly as possible, starting with our easy mobile app.


When you’re applying for a mortgage, the last thing you want to worry about is technology. Buffering screens and dusty fax machines can scare you into settling for less than you deserve and distract you from the real goal at hand: securing the best home financing. Shopping around for a mortgage doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Our Simplified Process

mobile app for a smarter way to get a mortgage

We’ve created a mobile app that is designed to supplement the hands-on assistance you’ll receive from our mortgage consultants. With 256-bit encryption, easy document submission (as easy as taking a selfie), and live updates on your application status, our app offers a stress-free way to start an application and sync up with a licensed mortgage professional. 


How It Works:

  1. Start an application to outline your needs
  2. Connect with a mortgage consultant to review your options 
  3. Upload your documents (we use bank-level security) 
  4. Receive timely updates about the status of your application 


And to help you become verified quicker (which is often about tracking down the right paperwork), we’ve also developed a web app. With it, you can upload files directly from your desktop. You can also use it to log in to your IRS or bank account and retrieve your tax returns and bank records in minutes.* Just use the same login credentials as your mobile app, and start turning in those harder-to-reach documents. 


*Note: for security reasons, a factor like a recent change in your phone number may cause the IRS to prevent you from accessing your records online. If this happens, you will need to get those documents the traditional way. 


The Smarter Way to Mortgage

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