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While technology had already begun to optimize the way we bank, buy things, and connect with others, the mortgage world had remained largely untouched. Until now. Through our streamlined process, users now have the ability to upload their documents, compare rates from quality lenders, and get verified for a mortgage all from the comfort of their own home. 

We work with some of the best national and local mortgage lenders, so that you know exactly what you qualify for. After just one application, our technology will shop your application out to multiple lenders, compile the 3 best offers you received, and let you make the choice of who you want to work with. We simplify the mortgage process so you get the best mortgage, period. Whether you want a trusted name, the best rates, or the most flexible terms, you’ll have the power to choose when you work with us. 

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What We Offer

Spend less time at the bank, and more time on… well, everything else.

Streamline your experience by allowing our technology to do the work for you. Rather than apply at multiple locations, apply once through our innovative platform and have the lenders come to you. It’s a completely free service that will save you time and stress. Best of all, it will let you know exactly what your best offers are.

Additionally, when you apply for a loan through Shop Your Own Mortgage, you’ll also get access to other amazing opportunities such as:

  • No bank fees, origination fees, processing fees or credit report fees
  • Ability to call, text, or live chat with our loan officers for help with any part of the mortgage process
  • An easy and stress-free experience that’s powered by our mobile app

We have already helped thousands of people buy a home. Apply now and you could be next!