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Shop Your Own Mortgage – People, Mortgages and Google Searches!

Shop Your Own Mortgage – People, Mortgages and Google Searches!

Getting a mortgage is…

I wanted to tap the public mind and see what people thought about “mortgages.” Here are some of the questions that I tested on Google ‘auto suggest’ to see what came up. The response wasn’t surprising that people are intimidated by the Mortgage process. As a result it may feel impossible, hard, stressful and maybe even a nightmare. Owning a home can be a big investment and life decision with long term consequences.

Another reason why people think “getting a mortgage is hard” is because of past decisions that don’t leave them in the best financial position. Unfortunately, credit card debt or unpaid student loans don’t just disappear. They can be stressful to pay off and could affect your ability to get mortgage.

Mortgages are…

While conducting this search it showed me a wide range of emotional reactions that people have in response to mortgages. If the mortgage process is too difficult, it feels like “slavery,” you feel like you are caught in a “trap,” and there is no end in sight.

A potential job loss or medical complication can change your life circumstances. This may negatively affect your ability to pay your mortgage.

For some people a mortgage is a “marvelous” experience; Other people consider it a “risk.” If you don’t make the right decisions with the right support and team you can get caught in a pretty unhappy situation.

The good news is we can certainly help you get a mortgage. Our technology reduces the bank’s power, by shopping your mortgage to many lenders, which creates competition for your business. Getting the best mortgage rates can save you tens of thousands of dollars, and reduce your risk. Our team can get you the best mortgage rate today!

-Anthony Sukow, CEO of Shop Your Own Mortgage