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In 2016, Greg Martel founded Shop Your Own Mortgage to improve the way home buyers shop for a mortgage. Applying for financing the traditional way has been confusing, difficult, and expensive, so home buyers often settle for subpar deals without even knowing it. Greg’s mission is to disrupt the mortgage industry by flipping the balance of power to favor the home buyer. Instead of going to lenders directly and jumping through hoops to get a loan, now you can fill out one easy application and have the lenders come to you.

Today, Shop Your Own Mortgage is a team of mortgage industry experts and technologists who share Greg’s philosophy. Together, we’ve developed an application process that combines technology with expert guidance to deliver the best mortgage products for every individual scenario.

Greg Martel, Founder, Shop Your Own Mortgage

Greg martel

Having been on both sides of the fence—as an industry professional and as a home buyer—Greg was determined to change the way people get a mortgage. From simplifying the language to providing open market access to the best financing options, he’s determined to make homeownership  more accessible for all.  Greg’s ultimate dream: to make getting a mortgage as easy as ordering a cup of coffee.

Consumers have relied on banks and lenders to take care of them largely because they’ve had no choice but to do so. . . Let’s change that. Let’s start putting consumers on the offense and financial institutions in their place.

—Greg Martel

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