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Here's our story and what drives us.

Shop Your Own Mortgage is the first mortgage marketplace to allow homeowners to compare their honest options, risk-free.

Getting a mortgage should be as easy as ordering a cup of coffee.


Shop Your Own Mortgage was founded in 2016 as a solution to the persistent problems occurring in the mortgage industry.

As a result, homeowners have been forced to settle for less than they deserve.

SYO had a vision of how to use technology to bring the open market to the mortgage industry. Instead of applying to each lender directly, now homeowners could fill out one application.

We’ve been able to streamline the mortgage process.

By reducing processing times, costs, and risk for both the lender and the borrower alike.

More importantly, we’ve been able to flip the balance of power to favor the homeowner.

So, who is Shop Your Own Mortgage?

We’re a team of industry experts and financial technology innovators committed to building the biggest lending marketplace.

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Consumers have relied on banks and lenders to take care of them largely because they’ve had no choice but to do so. . . Let’s change that. Let’s start putting consumers on the offense and financial institutions in their place.

Greg Martel
Founder of SYO Mortgage


We make it easier

(and way better).

We help put consumers on the offense by putting homeowners in power.

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