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The traditional way

Traditionally, getting a mortgage has meant taking a number at the bank, jumping through hoops to demonstrate your worthiness, and paying fees to boot. Then, if you wanted to compare quotes, you’d have to do it all over again. It’s no wonder most home buyers settle on their first offer.

your own way

Now you can apply for a mortgage and review multiple offers on your own terms: online, without pressure from lenders, and without paying fees. 

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  • one application
  • multiple offers & lenders
  • dedicated, unbiased support
  • completely free

it pays to shop around.

$ 1
saved in interest

80% of home buyers would save this much just by getting 1 extra quote.

$ 1
saved in interest

Getting five quotes saves the average home buyer $2,089–3,904.

$ 1 +
saved in fees

Lenders charge 0.5%–1% in origination fees. Our fees? $0.00. Shop around.

our process

the smartest way to get a mortgage.

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1. apply online

Complete an easy application on your own terms & without pressure from lenders.

2. review multiple offers

Compare interest rates, closing costs & more with the help of a licensed consultant.

3. choose your loan

Select & close your best mortgage without paying anything in junk fees.

Need a pre-approval?

Find out exactly how much you can afford. You could get a Pre-Approval Certificate the same day that you apply.

First Time Home Buyer

estimate your mortgage.
Then, get a mortgage estimate.

We’re all about making calculated decisions. Play with our mortgage calculator to get an idea of what to expect for your mortgage. Then, when you’re done playing, fill out a quick application online. We have a large network of lenders, so we’ll be able to get you with personalized quotes for your specific scenario.

Make a Calculated Decision

mortgage calculator


Frequently asked questions

Yes! In short, we help with every type of loan that our network of lenders offer. And since many of them are VA, USDA, and FHA-approved, we’re able to help with these loans too.

Yes and no. It will not hurt your credit to see your initial estimates. But, any time that you apply for credit, it will ding your score by a handful of points.

How it works: When you apply for a home loan, you have a window of opportunity to shop around without additional hits to your credit. This is how we’re able to provide multiple offers without added impact. Also, when you fill out our application,  since we’re not a lender you’re not actually applying for a home loan yet. You’re simply browsing your financing options. So, this is actually risk-free.

No, a pre-approval is something we offer for your peace of mind. But, if you’re ready to complete a full application, we’ll be ready to process it. 

Every application is reviewed by a dedicated mortgage consultant, who will see the process through to the last step. While we have technology to help us process quotes, our mortgage consultants are licensed and trained to make sure we’re able to provide you with the best market scenarios. They’ll also be there to give you updates, answer any of your questions, and just generally offer you support.

No. We will never share your information without your consent. Yes, we gather quotes for you from our network of lenders based on your scenario, but we do that without sharing any personally identifiable information.

We use bank-level security. For both your safety and for regulatory compliance, we have to meet the security standards of all the lenders in our network. This means that all of our data is encrypted and processed over a secure network. 

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