Steps To Purchase Your Home

A Quick Guide to Buying Your Home 

1. Start the process with the end goal of becoming a homeowner

2. Prepare and certainly understand your budget

3. Check your credit

4. Contact Shop Your Own Mortgage to see much you qualify for 

5. Gather the necessary documents for pre-approval

6. Send your pre-approval to one of our realtor partners 

7. Begin the fun part—house hunting!

8. Make an offer on a home 

9. Order a home inspection with one of our affiliate partners 

10. Obtain an appraisal 

11. Submit your mortgage application and also outstanding documents for approval

12. Order title insurance through one of our affiliated partners

13. Obtain clearance to close and set your closing date

14. Sign mortgage closing documents and transfer the title as a result 

15. Above all, celebrate your huge milestone and enjoy your new home!

Basics of Purchasing a Home

How to Be Prepared to Purchase a Home

Basic Document List

Visit our mortgage document checklist to keep you organized and also prepared to purchase your dream home!

Inspect The Home

Hiring a home inspector can be another huge benefit to you when buying a home. Home inspectors save you time and money by searching for imperfections in your property.

Closing Costs

“Closing costs” can sound mysterious to many first-time homebuyers. What’s included in closing costs? How much am I paying at closing? What are all of these fees for?

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How To Find The Best Mortgage

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