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What about title insurance?

Information relating to title and mobile notary.

What is title insurance on a home?

Title insurance is a policy meant to protect home buyers and mortgage lenders from damages or financial losses caused by a bad title due to title defects.

How does title insurance work?

A title insurance policy protects you from putting down money on a property, only to find that some unexpected issue renders the title invalid.

What does title insurance cover?

Title insurance covers the owner's policy as a guarantee against potential risks, such as:

  • Conflicting ownership claims
  • Outstanding lawsuits, liens and other encumbrances against the property
  • Erroneous or flawed public records
  • Fraud and/or forgery
  • Undisclosed easements or other agreements that may limit the usage or reduce the value of the property
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Benefits of Refinancing

Take control.

By getting an appraisal, you could get relief from creditors and become high-interest debt free.

Consolidate payments.

You could simplify your life with one single monthly payment, freeing up more money for your day to day expenses.

Lower monthly payments.

With an appraisal, you could potentially lower your monthly payments by an average of $500 per month.

Refinancing should be as easy as ordering a cup of coffee.

We allow borrowers to fill out one application and choose a rate specific to their scenario.

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