Shop Your Own Mortgage realizes that finding a mortgage can be stressful and time consuming. Who wants to spend their time making phone calls and meeting with bank representatives? We understand that your time is valuable. That is why we designed our platform to do the work for you! Complete our 3 minute application, upload your docs and kick back while we get the job done! We not only save you time and money but our qualified experts can inform you on all of the questions that you may have when refinancing a home.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and answers from our home owners:

I am interested in refinancing but I am unsure if I would benefit with the current rates. What should I do?

Great news! At Shop Your Own Mortgage we do free mortgage check ups to see if we can save you money on your mortgage. Not only that, but we will evaluate your overall monthly expenses as well.

Can I refinance and take cash out for home improvements?

Home Improvements are an excellent reason to refinance. In addition to making you happier with your home the improvements will most likely increase the market value of your home. Check out these home improvement ideas that will help up cut energy costs and increase your homes value for future plans. 

Do I need to pay closing costs when refinancing?

Yes. Although at Shop Your Own Mortgage we do not charge any origination fees, processing fees, bank fees or credit fees. To get an estimated breakdown of closing costs associated with a refinance call one of our experts today. Here is more on closing costs.

Is it a good idea to refinance to shorten my mortgage term?

It is a great idea to shorten your mortgage term if that makes sense for you financially. A shorter term usually comes with a lower interest rate so you not only will pay your loan off faster but will pay less interest. Therefore, you will save a considerable amount of money over the life of the loan.

Do I have to disclose what I am taking cash out for when refinancing?

No. You may cash out on the equity of your home at any time and use it as you wish.

Can I refinance if I have blemishes on my credit?

Yes. There are many available programs for all types of borrowers. It is best to explore your options with one of our experts.

How quickly can I refinance my home?

We have completed refinances in 15 days but on average approximately 30 days.

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