Benefits of Refinancing

How Refinancing Can Help YOU

Lower Payments

Better Loan Term

Lower Interest Rate

Better Rate Type

New Investments 

Why Refinance?

Find Out Whether You’d Be Better Off Refinancing or Renewing


Keep the same rate type

Get only a small reduction in your rate

Miss out on opportunities to invest, renovate, and consolidate debt

Trust the market to increase (and not decrease) the value of your house

Pay high interest rates on other kinds of debt like credit card debt

Have your money locked into mortgage payments

Work with the same inflexible terms

Let your equity just sit around


Change your rate type

Qualify for much better rates

Have the opportunity to do more with your money

Increase the net worth of your house and assets

Consolidate your debt to pay lower interest rates on different debt

Get a cash-out and do what you want with your money

Negotiate better terms

Use your equity to your advantage

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