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VA loans and VA refinance loans are available for eligible service members, active duty military, veterans and their surviving spouses. A VA loan can assist a military borrower in purchasing a residence, typically with no money down.

And as a big thank you serving your country, we offer a $150 gift card or a donation to Wounded Warriors.

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VA Loan Benefits

*VA cashout is not available in Texas; however, conventional loans are a commonly recommended solution.

Rate and term refinance options.

If you have a pre-existing VA loan, you may be able to lower your rate or change your term.

No private mortgage insurance.

Monthly mortgage insurance payments are not required with VA loans.

No down payment.

Typically, when you purchase a home with a VA loan, you are not required to put any money down.

Competitive interest rates.

Compared to other loan options, VA loans offer competitive interest rates.

100% access to home equity.

If you qualify for a VA, you can convert 100% of your equity into cash.

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VA Purchase Loan

The most standard form of mortgage issued under a VA loan is a VA purchase loan, also known as a VA jumbo loan.

The VA purchase loan allows buyers to purchase property with no down payment. It also gives you the option for an adjustable or fixed-rate mortgage.

A VA purchase loan offers betters terms then a conventional mortgage rate. Not all lenders offer this form of VA loan and all terms vary by lender.


VA Cash Out Refinance Loan

A VA cash out refinance loan, allows up to 100% of your home's equity to be taken out to pay for medical bills, debt, education, and other uses.

VA cash out refinance rates gives you greater borrowing power and more access to the value of your home versus conventional or FHA refinancing.

Using this option as a rate-and-term VA refinance option is available for veterans. It is available to borrowers with or without current VA cash out loans.


VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)

A VA interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL), also known as VA streamline refinance.

Current VA loan holders whose interest rates are higher than .5% should consider a VA IRRRL loan to reduce monthly mortgage payments on existing home loans.

Appraisals and additional documentation in regards to your income are not needed in order to procure a VA IRRRL loan.

Through this option, eligible borrowers can be added through a joint VA loan. All borrowers should consider closing costs when determining if this option is right for them.

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